Yorkshire Pud's - 100th Blog Post :)

Well what a great 10 months it’s been and I’ve finally hit my 100th blog post and sooooooo much has happened it’s untrue. Still got a few more milestones I’d like to achieve but equally I feel I’ve achieved so much over this last ¾ of a year. Thank you so much for supporting me and for your lovely comments and likes. It’s all appreciated....always. Just wanted to share a few things that have happened to me over this time. So here goes..........

1.       One of my very first posts. Was off on a cabaret night so tried to have a bash at the lovely Dita Von Teese look. Early on so pictures not great but was still happy with it. See it here.
2.       Charity shop bargains on my WIWT page. Neglected it a bit lately but should be back on it soon. See my page here. Also if you’re not involved get involved it’s amazing and I’ve met some great friends!
3.       Had my very first tattoo!! I’ve had the picture of this fairy for years and got to the ripe old age of 31 before taking the plunge. It’s right at the top of my back and I love it!
4.       Sleeping rough for charity. Safe at last is a charity very close to my heart as a very close friend of mine works for them so I try and get involved where I can. Please see my blog post here.
5.       Autumn came! It’s one of my favourite months possibly because I’m an October baby. Me and the boy in the woodlands – See post here. This was part of my ’50 Things to do in Autumn/Winter Challenge’ Will be picking this up again later in the year.
6.       Introducing Mr Pud! Love him to bits!.....Swoon.
7.       Yorkshire Pud only gone and got engaged! Yep fully over the moon and one happy badger – See post.
8.       My nationwide/international search for ‘YES LOVE’ nail polish started and still months after I am still looking – See post.
9.       Still loving Cath Kidston more than ever J (Followers you know this)
10.   My 32nd Birthday – Love this little cake Mr Pud had made for me with yes....Tinkerbell. Who wouldn’t love a Tinkerbell Cake?
11.   Halloween!! Absolutely loved our Halloween costumes last year. Mr Pud and I fully went to town with everything including the old white contact lenses. Bloody crapped it just looking at us in the mirror! Doctor and Nurse Zombies! – See Post here.
12.   The Engagement Party – Well what can I say....A truly amazing night with family, friends and Mr Pud....Dream.
13.   New house. Me and Mr Pud move in together. Cleaning, Painting, decorating, vamping commenced for the whole of December.
14.   The space at the top of my stairs. Had no idea what to do here but a lick of paint and a trip to IKEA certainly did the trick.
15.   The lovely COOK shelf made by my Mum for our kitchen! She’s ace! See all her bits and bobs here. Shabby chic amazing!
16.   YP wears a tie. Picked this beauty up from a charity shop and thought what the hell. Really liked the outcome.
17.   New years resolution! – Stop biting my nails! And still going strong.
18.   Opened my Etsy shop. Still very new but growing now – Visit it here.
19.   Our gorgeous American Bulldog, Aston in the snow with his half a football – they don’t last long.
20.   ‘Primark’s I have visited’ ended with Blackpool last year. Already done Primark London this year and need to update.
21.   Aston in my geek chic glasses – Not really a mile stone just needed to share this picture....What a star!
22.   My little sister Charlie sporting her beer goggles I got her as a stocking filler – She’s mad, I love her. Check her out on Instagram here. If you love weird and wonderful you’ll love my Charlie.
23.   Yorkshire Puds Jewellery on Instagram and it sells!
24.   Yorkshire Pud and Mr Pud in York. Happy Day.
25.   Yorkshire Pud and Mr Pud in London. Happy days stopping with some ace friends.
26.   Finally I learn how to apply liquid liner! Only taken me about 15 years! Yey!
27.   Yorkshire Puds first ever craft fair for Safe at Last and by eck it was a gud un! Met some great people and sold loads. This has to be the way forward now – Onwards and upwards!!
Thanks for following me on this journey and hope you continue to do so.
Anyone else feel like they’ve achieved loads in the past year? If so what? Would love to hear about yours.
Thanks YP xx

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