Yorkshire Pud has a 'Pud in the Oven'!!

Hi All,
Sorry for the shear lack of posts especially with my crusade on de-clutter however I'm putting that down to nesting! Yes tis true me and the bloke have got a baby on the way! How exciting! And how very very very very scary. It's not something we planned on but nether the less it's very welcome :)

So what does this mean for Yorkshire Pud? I've been so ill (Pregnant) for the past 3 months on and off with morning sickness the very thought of putting make-up on, doing my hair, getting dolled up or tackling a new house project has been the last thing on my mind haha. Just done the 7 days challenge on the WIWT website and through F&F clothing at Tesco and managed to pull in my little bump - I won as well through the F&F twitter account (Blog post coming soon with my £75 voucher buys). Luckily now I seem to be coming out the other side and starting to actually enjoy it and the sickness is slowly subsiding, so I should be soon back on form and knowing I only have around 6 months of just Yorkshire Pud time left and I've got loads to sort, do and learn before the 27th of November! My blog will obviously involve some baby stuff but will still be me getting upto stuff like usual just obviously a lot more chunkier! haha.
Until we knew everything was ok I thought it was best not to let everyone know (I'm sure you lot will understand) Not sure if we are going to find out what sex the baby is yet but I'm not sure I can wait till November to find out! haha.

So here 'it', 'they' are/is our little champ currently known as Baby Pud :)