What is clutter? And how do I start to de-clutter?!? #2

Hey I'm back...Yorkshire Pud Clutter Bug :)

So what is clutter? What's my clutter? (No euphemism intended)  I asked myself this thinking this must be piles of rubbish, mess, unwanted thingy me bobs? However after doing a bit of research on the tiniterweb and some books I have found out that clutter is a whole world of stuff!!..........Of which I have loads of!

1. Things that are obsolete.
Yep guilty. Not necessarily obsolete but I do have a Nokia charger in my kitchen drawer (Or as Michael McIntyre would call it my 'Man Drawer') I don't even have a Nokia phone anymore! Along with screws and stuff that I have no idea where they are from?? Also old remotes that I don't even use or have the electrical goods to go with!
2.Things that are broken.
Yep I still have a broken hand held food blender that I know will  work again one day in my cupboard. Or do I need it for parts? Someone might have a hand held food blender that might need a part? Ha ha like I'm now a food blender mechanic of some sort! NO.
3. Things I don't use.
This covers so much in my house. From clothes that clearly don't fit, I don't like, need repairing (See above category also)  etc.. To even tins on salmon in my kitchen cupboard - Don't like salmon, wont be opened ever, but it's still sat in my cupboard. Books I have bought and never read and don't intend to.
4. Stuff I don't know I even have.
My spare room for example!! Like I said last time my spare room would go spare with itself if it could! I possibly have stuff in there that I might not even remember I had. What's that all about? I find I can buy stuff twice because I don't know that I already have one.
5. Bits and bobs I can't actually find? 
Yep this is actually classed as clutter. If you can't find it. It's not in it rightful place therefore it's with some clutter somewhere it shouldn't be haha! Story of my life.

So where do I start? Bearing in mind that now I actually now know what clutter is. Do I go room by room? Project by project?

Off now to look for some groovy ways of starting to de-clutter! By eck this is a mammoth task. Stay tuned :)

Peace out

YP xx