Properly got myself in a clutterous pickle! #4

Hey dudes,

Thought I'd give you a taste of the treats of clutter that await me in my quest of de-cluttering my life, home and mind.

Here's the proof that something needs to be done! and this is just one of the 3 wardrobes that are in dire need of attention!

It's taken me a week to look through my list and decided where to start and in what order and also to get my mind at the right level. To some this may seem like a 'Just shut the f*** up and get on with it girl' kind of moment however for me this is life changing! haha. I come from a family of unorganised hoarders and I'm seriously trying to break to mould for my future family. Also I have a form of OCD (Obviously not cleaning!) but panic and anxiety and I grow emotional attachments to inanimate objects and live in fear of throwing anything out! It might come in useful one day?! Will talk more about my OCD soon it's crazy! But obviously this causes me some issues on-going.

Nice neat piles and homes for everything, nice neat piles and homes for everything, NICE NEAT PILES AND HOMES FOR EVERYTHING! = Mantra number 1.

If I don't need it chuck it, If I don't need it chuck it, IF I DON'T NEED IT CHUCK IT! = Mantra number 2.

Hopefully I will stick to the rules set out in my last post and get somewhere haha. This is going to be tough guys but I'm giving it a whirl.

Pictures and updates coming soon and if you want to ask me any questions about my OCD please feel free to.

YP x