Get Organised...What's that? #1

Hey guys......well this is me...
Feeling the need to get organised? Where can I start to get organised? Need help with getting organised? These are questions I ask myself all the time!! I am honestly the worst person ever at organisation. Here are a few of my own personal gripes and there’s plenty more...

1.       I’m the person who’s writing out the birthday card sat in the car waiting to go into a party.

2.       I’m the one who spends copious amounts on lunches and never have time to do my own lunch at home (healthier option).

3.       My ironing pile is the size of Everest and still going strong.

4.       I spend far too much on storage but never put it to good use.

5.       I thrown things away that could be reused.

6.       I come back from the supermarket having spent £30.00-£50.00 more on shopping as I haven’t planned my visit, meals etc.......

7.       My spare room would actually go spare if it could see itself! What a mess!

8.       When my car insurance is due for renewal I have to give myself at least 2 weeks to find out the paperwork from last year.

9.       I have that many clothes that I can’t find something I know I have and want to wear!

10.   I would like to start a yoga class but fear I wouldn’t have enough time!!?? What’s all that about??

And these are just a few!

I seem to have so much on but never the time to do anything that would make me feel in less of a panic. Time management (I’ve read haha) is one of the best ways in being organised. Asking myself the question....What is good time management? Over and over again and still for the life of me I can’t seem to do it!! Have you ever looked at someone else and thought..How do they have time to do ALL the things they do? They look good, go to the gym, have a full time job and 12 kids (Only joking on the 12 kids but still you get my drift) Well I’ve decided and due to a few life’s circumstances I need to be that person! Not boring, just organised! I can’t go wild with money so going to beg, steal and borrow ideas and items and ideas haha. Who’s with me?

Here I start on my organisational journey/quest and I plan to give you all the details on the way plus any tips, hints and ideas that I come across. I will let you into my spare room (argghhhhhh) and see the copious piles of nothingness that needs to be sorted. 

Yorkshire Pud is to become – LITTLE MISS ORGANISED!! Get organised starts here!

Thought I’d start with looking at......What do I actually need to sort? List making....will I have too many lists? DE-CLUTTER!!

Will be back with my de-clutter list!.....Watch this space!