Primarks I have visited....The story so far.

Hey guys,

This is something I started on my personal Facebook page about 5 years ago. To be fair it started off as a bit of a laugh and simply it still is but now I see it more of a personal challenge :) I've not managed to get a picture of every Primark I've visited but I am now making it my personal mission to have a go. There are quite a few so this is going to be tough and will possibly take me a life time haha but ah well it's fun, challenging and also means I have to visit a few places in the world and do a spot a shopping! (Not all bad). Check out the awesome hair colour changes too!! The one thing I haven't done, is post about what I bought but now I'm a this space I will make sure all purchases are logged and photographed.

So where this all began back in 2008 - Primark Oxford street in London in fact although we have a Primark in Sheffield this was the one that paved the way for my Primark obsession!!


Thanks for reading and if you have a groovy Primark near you let me know so I can pop in and visit it :)