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Here I am again giving you the chance to meet a cool new blogger.

Today's blog post is from Lorna-Rose from No Time For Horror Movies. Her blog is very unique and you can tell that Lorna writes from the heart not just her head. Her love of Zooey Deschanel puts her high up there with me as you know I have a crazy little thing going on for that lady! :) Great site, Great lady......And a great eye for thrifty fashion! YP x

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A little bit more about Lorna-Rose in her words..


What up? (That's what the kids say these days, right?) I'm Lorna-Rose.


I am a 19 year old coffee addict, music junkie and book obsessed weirdo. Oh yeah, I'm a student to but who cares about that, right? I define myself mostly by what I can't do; for instance I cannot for the life of me do anything math related. It isn't funny; to me (mum thinks it's hilarious).


I live the nomadic life almost. Not really. I just wish. I split my time between uni in Stirling, mum in North Ayrshire and best friend, Hannah in Paisley.


OK so this part doesn't exactly work out but I'll do it anyway. I am 19, 20 in September although I do still get a half fare on the bus. Don't judge, if I have to be short I deserve to reap the benefits where I can. Think of it as my version of carpe diem. Carpe the cheap public transport.


Because if I didn't get all the stuff in my head out I would eventually just be some brain goo on the floor of a coffee shop. Some poor Barista would have to sweep me up and that's just not nice.

Anyway, that is just my own little blurb.
If you want to get in touch with me drop me a comment or email me at
So here's Lorna-Rose's post....hope you like it as much as I do.
No Amount of Vintage Dresses Buy You... Style.

Who needs money, right? Well everyone. Bills, food and of course beautiful clothes all cost money and often the bills and food mean that you can't afford the beautiful clothes. Now that's just wrong. However, the solution is savvy shopping. Shop around, make time and you can look like you just stepped away from the F-Row at New York Fashion Week. 
If I can do it then anyone can. I gave myself £80 to create an outfit and I ended up creating three which all fell under budget!
I did it all without the wonderful world of Ebay too!
Outfit 1: 
Think twiggy in the 60s, boyish cool. Geometric prints and crop tops with just the right amount of structure, add femininity with your cute midi heels (which wont brake your ankles or the bank) and a red pop of colour!
1. Trousers from H&M £14.99
2. Black Crop Top from New Look £9.99
3. Red Shoulder Bag from Internacionale £9.99
4. Midi Heels from New Look £19.99
5. Grey Blazer from Internacionale £21.99
Total: £76.95
Outfit 2:
Military-esque with very on trend monochrome and khaki green. Think of all the other outfits you could put together with these pieces!

1. White Blouse £8.00 from Primark
2. Khaki Military Skirt £7.00 from Primark
3. Monochrome Blazer £19.99 from New Look 
4. Creepers £15.00 from New Look 
5. Socks £3.50 from Topshop
Total: £53.49
Outfit 3:
Western is going to be big in the summer, aztec too. Combine them both to look effortlessly cool.

1. Aztec Print Skater £16.00 from Select
2. Denim Waistcoat £12.00 from Internacionale
3. Black Suede Ankle Boots £34.99 from Missguided
4. Fringe Bag £15.99 from New Look 
Total: £78.99
Happy Shopping.