My first guest blog post!!! Joseph from Desperately Seeking Adventure

Hey all,

My lovely calls for a guest blogger was answered and in the form of a lovely young man called Joseph Harrison. Joseph has a lovely little blog based around travelling the world in his fantastic job in the USA. Joseph has a very friendly way of writing and grabbing your attention :)

Blog - Desperately Seeking Adventure

More about Joseph...

I'm a 22 year old with a travel writing dream!
I'm Joseph. I'm 22 and I currently live in Newark, USA. I'm an avid Blog writer! I have a passion for travelling and see new things. I believe that discovering new places broadens the mind! Right now I'm working at Newark Airport for Virgin Atlantic Airways as a Passenger Services Agent. I love my job and I'm thankfully for the travelling experiences I have been able to have this year.
 He's clearly got a good eye for fashion too as you can see from his blog post below!

Men's fashion has evolved greatly over the years, from the times when wearing make-up was only acceptable for women; guys are finally making a stand! Looking back to the early 1980’s the 'New Romantics' sported their larger than life hairstyles teamed with their guy-liner and man-scara! How things have changed! Or have things always been like this throughout this?
From the beginning of time men had their own fashion sense and way of styling their look. From the Stone Age man has been depicted to be styling themselves as what can only be explained as Fred Flintstone chic. Here in 2013 leopard print is making a comeback! Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen’s people should snap a Stone Age theme and work it on the fashion runway!

Moving into the 1960’s saw the evolution of men's fashion had been taken to another level. The 'Rockers' and the 'Mod’s' took to the streets, you could say that men at this time seemed to be embracing their fashion sense. The rockers donned their drain pipe skinny jeans with their iconic legendary parker jackets. Rockers would have their hair slicked back into a quiff, a hairstyle that’s really popular right now in 2013. Whereas, the mods would stick to their shirt, tie and trouser combination, its best to picture the ‘Indie’ fashion trend that's quite prevalent in today's world of fashion. 

We are now here in 2013, the modern world has changed the modern man and the metro-sexual man has been born. You might be thinking what ‘Metro-sexual’ means? The metro-sexual man looks after himself by moisturising and generally taking care of his appearance, wearing the latest fashion trends without a hair out of place. You could say that these men are just pure vain?! It's official our world has moved on and progressed for this category of men to be established.

One man that has to be mentioned is the footballer, Sir David Beckham. Beckham pushed the boundaries when it comes to men’s fashion during the early 00’s. Beckham sported matching sarongs and leather biker suits with his wife Victoria, they both looked quite a pair! That sarong moment caused a lot of controversy for Mr Beckham, but to be honest in a certain way he opened a lot of new and acceptable trends for the modern British man. Over the last ten years ‘Brand Beckham’ has changed the way we look at men’s fashion, you've got to look good when your wife is Posh Spice! From a sporting personality to a fashion god David Beckham has undoubtedly made his mark on the evolution of men’s fashion.

 Ladies, leggings aren't just for you! Move over because ‘Meggings’ have been unleashed into the world of men’s fashion! Little did I know that the likes of ‘Rod Stewart’ and 'Lenny Kravitz' sported meggings back in their heyday! Most men are sceptical about this new development in fashion because you could say that it’s something a woman would usually wear. It would certainly be progress if a modern mad would sport a pair of meggings when out for a pint with his friends ... Would you? I would wear meggings for sure! It was only last week that ten pop-star ‘Justin Bieber' was been spotted wearing a pair of meggings, so they are unstoppable!

 From the deserts of Morocco came ‘Harem Pants.’ This once simple Moroccan farmer’s daily wear became the essential item to buy on the high street. Harem pants have been sported by the rapper ‘Kayne West’ so in popular culture this fashion item is quite acceptable. Bedouin culture from the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa has changed the way men dress in our modern world. This fashion development is ingenious because an essential style of fashion has seamlessly been transformed into a look that’s acceptable for today’s fashion conscious man. Please forgive me as I forget to mention that the legendary M.C Hammer paved the way for the 'Harem Pants' during the release of his 1990's single 'Can't Touch This!'. It's easy to say that fashion's just like a washing machine ... those trends just keep on turning!

 Because you’re Worth It! Leading cosmetics and beauty companies have now dedicated a whole new line of products aimed for the male market. The male cosmetic business has boomed quite recently on a mainstream basis, men can now find whole ranges of skin care, make-up and anti-aging products in stores like Sephora. The phrases like manscara and guyliner are now used on a daily basis when referring to men's make-up. Rewinding time back to the Ancient Egyptians, wearing make-up was not gender specific as men wore make-up on a daily basis and before they were laid to rest in their tombs a final application of make-up would of been applied. I bet that Cleopatra got jealous from time to time! 

Karma Chameleon! Boy George has always be known for wearing a flattering layer of make-up, creating his image while lead singer of 80's band 'Culture Club'. As a boy I did question whether this singer could even be a woman! How wrong I was ... that was before I discovered drag queen superstar Rupaul! Keeping in with the music theme lots of pop and rock bands throughout the 80's and 90's fashioned their imagine by wearing make-up as a part of their look. Alice Cooper loves his guyliner, but my personal favourite has to be the 'New Romantics'. Pop bands like Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran always managed to be trailblazers within their industry. Being my one of my favourites Spandau Ballet's style must have been Gold! But what's your favourite colour eye-shadow? 

Be the man who you truly are! Wear that make-up! Dress like a 'Mod' or even a 'New Romantic! As good beauty and cosmetic giant Olay harp on ... "Love The Skin You're In".