I love London!! - What shall we do?

Hey All,

Just to say......I LOVE LONDON! Being from Yorkshire where it’s very chilly and foggy it’s so cool to go down to London and get involved in the hussle and bussle, the fast paced streets, the bright lights and being part of a city that never sleeps just makes me realise how different my life really is being from the north. There’s always something going on down there, everywhere you look there’s literally something to look at (interesting to look at!).

Well we’re down there at the end of March for a whole 4/5 days! Yep I’m officially excited and will be counting down sleeps from the 1st of the month. Saving all I can to make sure I have enough to spend on doing everything i.e Primark on Oxford Street! We’re staying for two nights in London and then hopefully at the latter end with one of my closest friends in the world who I met at college a few (cough cough) years ago, Kate and her bloke Ben (Lovely people...mwah x) who live near Hampton Court Palace.

Right back to it, the reason I’m telling you all this is because.....

1. I love London as you have probably already guessed.


What?? I hear you shout!!! Nope, he's never been so this is a fantastic opportunity for him to understand the love I feel for our capital city.

So I thought I’d ask my lovely readers that hopefully love London as much as me – What can we do in London? Any suggestions would be fantastic - If I do one of your suggestions I will post and credit you in my London blog post.
What show? What attraction? Do we do a tour? Are there any cool experiences? Anyone know of any good vouchers sites so we can cram more in? All ideas are welcome.

Can’t blinking wait a tell thee!!

Yorkshire Pud