25 facts about me! .....Not just Yorkshire Puddings

Hey there,

Well I thought I'd just jump on the old 25 facts wagon that everyone seems to be doing. 1 I thought it was a good idea so my readers would know a bit more about me. And also I would be a mission to write it all down ha ha.

So here goes...


1.       When I was 17 I broke my neck!! Yes broke my neck! In 2 places I did this when I was in a club (Cough cough fake ID) and fell off a podium whilst shaking my stuff. I did carry on dancing all night but it did stike home I’d done some damage the next morning when I couldn’t feel my toes or fingers!! All good now though.


2.       I’m a girl that lives in the past – By that I mean in my head haha. I love the fashion, the simplicity when it comes to life i.e women were women and men were men. I’m all up for equal rights but I like to be a girl every now and again J


3.       When I was at college I had 3 jobs! These were all to support my clothes and clubbing habit. I went to college 4 days a week On my day off from college on a Thursday I would work at a local sandwich shop and on a Saturday morning too. On match days I would work at the Sheffield Wednesday ground as a photographer’s messenger i.e running with the films to motorbikes outside so the pictures would make the evening news. My other job when I turned 18 was working on a Friday Saturday and Sunday night at a local pub (very enlightening) possibly where I picked up most of my cheeky banter! Then I would go out after haha.


4.       I was born with a tooth!! – Gross sounding I know but I actually was! I had all my adult teeth by the time I was 4 and all my wisdom teeth by the time I was 11. Thus causing me loads of problems but now hopefully I have a got set of very old nashers!


5.       I don’t have the same surname as my mum or my dad and I’m not married! Why? I was born with my dads surname but them my mum changed it to her maiden name (Parents were not married oooooh!) Then my mum married my step dad and now I don’t have the same name as either of them!! Hope that makes sense.


6.       I am a COUGAR! Who drives a Ford KUGA!! Yep my gorgeous Fiancé is 10 years my junior (Lucky me!) And I drive a Kuga car – I am officially ‘A Cougar in a Kuga’.


7.       I adore meringue!! To the point where I just by the nests from the supermarket and sit and eat them.


8.       I suffer with severe hangovers – Actually that severe that I couldn’t possibly  drink on a Friday then a Saturday! I drink rarely and if I do it has to be on a Friday night so I have at least 2 days to get sorted ready for work on Monday.


9.       My favourite colour is Green – Not sure why but I just like it.


10.   My first pet was house a rabbit called William who actually died when it escaped from it’s hutch and was found next to a half eaten photo of me!! Haha.


11.   My favourite brand/label is Cath Kidston! As if you wouldn’t have guessed it!? Haha.


12.   When I was younger I wanted to be a PE teacher and actually went to college to study Sports Science – At 18 I went on placement at a local school and that changed my mind!! Horrible!


13.   I hate tomatoes! In any form.


14.   My favourite film ever is Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman – The one about witches.


15.   Like above my favourite actress is Sandra Bullock just because she’s so stunning, has managed to move on gracefully from her cheating husband and she’s not afraid of making a fool of herself!


16.   Favourite actor – Ryan Reynolds (No explanation needed)


17.   I’ve kissed Jimmy Carr!! (On the cheek) He stayed behind at a gig and signed programme – Lovely guys in real life.


18.   I’ve been in the Audience for Britain’s Got Talent! It was fab the camaraderie is brilliant but it takes ages between each act.


19.   My favourite animal is Wolf.....just love the prowess and eeriness of them.


20.   I have a tattoo of a fairy on the middle of my back at the top – Sneaky peak in the mirror in my Liz Earle post!  I designed it myself and let the tattooist just freehand the butterflies around the edges. It’s one off I love it.


21.   I have a form of OCD – I don’t mean cleaning!! It’s Obsessive Panic and Anxiety Disorder. I hate flying, being a passenger in a car generally not being in control haha. It’s be recogonised since I was 18 and I’ve been on medication ever since! Not crazy just a control freak.


22.   I have a unhealthy obsession with nail varnish in fact I have over 100 bottles of the stuff! Ha ha. Even though I have only just started growing my nails this year! Ha ha It was one of my New Years resolutions.


23.   I’m the most happiest I’ve been in all of my 32 years – Great bloke, healthy family, beautiful home and a smashing job. YP’s a lucky lady (taken me a while to get here though.


24.   My earliest memory is actually being stood in my cot at mum and dads first house I can describe it and everything and I left when I was just over a year old! Early stuff


25.   Yep tis true......I LOVE YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS!!