Tired all the time?? Should we go back in time??

Hey my lovelies,
Well today I’m doing a different kind of post a post based on lifestyle, mind and body – And basically a call for help!
Since I hit 30 I’ve been far more content with who I am, what I am and what I want in life – However the sticking point is that I don’t have the energy to do it!

No matter what I do I try do my mind wants to move, jump, scream and shout but my body says otherwise!!
Loads of people say that they feel the same but it all boils down to generally the following...lack of exercise, diet & lifestyle. Especially now everything is so easy and generally everything starts with the push of a button.
I remember my nan saying that her mother (My great grandma) would be up at the crack of dawn baking bread?! Getting the kids off to school coming back to 8 loads of washing (daily) all by hand! And then trying to make what they could for meals with the ingredients available on a ration book, eating dripping sandwiches daily! Not a really varied diet but plenty of fresh veg (usually grown at home which takes so much energy and time) then mending/sewing clothing as you couldn’t just pick 5 pairs of socks up from Primark for 2 quid! Also they would run a black pencil down the back of their legs (In a straight line!) to make it look like they had stockings on. Then bath time was filling up a tin bath in the middle of the kitchen floor which ALL the family had to then use and the same water!! Antibiotics were few and far between and mothers or fathers being able to pull a sickie was out of the question. Also what about those wives who had husbands in the forces? No help at home and the constant fear that they might not come back...STRESSFUL! Everything you had to do took energy and time! – But everyone seemed to be ok and healthy. So what is it about today that make us feel so unhealthy?.... Money? Jobs? Housework? Fitness? Work?......SHOULD WE GO BACK IN TIME?! As then house work would be a norm not a chore. It’s so difficult to keep on top of everyday life just with 2 of us and a dog...never mind when we have children.

But what is the perfect lifestyle?
1. Being a lottery winner and able to spa all day? Would you get the correct level of happiness form this? Would all your friends be working and not able to join you?
2. Eating nothing but organic vegetables, fruit and lean meat? Meaning that you have nothing to look forward to at meal times.....ever??
3. Running a marathon everyday to keep fit? But then not seeing your friends, family, joggers nipple, finding the time!!?
4. Having the perfect job?...........I love my job but is it perfect? Who has their perfect job?
5. Having a cleaner/housekeeper to do all your daily stuff? But then do you get the satisfaction of your own hard work plus there’s the expense as I imagine they don’t come cheap!
About me.....
As I said before I’m very content with my lot, I work monday to friday as an Operations Manager in Sheffield, I have a gorgeous fiancé, A loving family and in-laws, Amazing friends, I have my own house, A decent wage, My own car, A beautiful dog. All in all I’m not different to most people but I find myself lacking constantly with old energy levels!!! I do no exercise (Time and energy), rarely drink (Once a month), Eat a varied diet but I do like the odd Big Mac. I’m not overweight I’m in the ‘normal’ BMI index range. At a weekend I go shopping do housework, washing, ironing, jewellery making the usual stuff.
SO WHY AM I CONSTANTLY TIRED?!?!? When I live a normal life!
Problem areas......
1. Not being able to get out of bed in the morning.
2. Not being able to go to sleep at night.
3. Organising my time.
4. Making sure I see family and friends as often as possible.
5. Getting in from work and getting freezer food.
6. Not doing much once in from work I.e no housework!!
7. Basically throughout the day....everyday. Wanting to hibernate in my duvet and for a year to pass by.
I’m going to try and start tackling each of the above but it’s going to be hard!! – Or is it MIND OVER MATTER??
If you feel the same, what are your thoughts?
Also If you’ve ever felt like this but feel better now, what changes did you make?
Also housework!!! Any tips or tricks to keep orderly without losing your LIFE!
Any help would be appreciated as always.
Thanks for reading J