Pamela Anderson was my childhood heroine?? OOTD

Hey y'all (American accent haha)

Paying homage to my childhood heroine Pamela Anderson for being voted off Dancing on Ice at the weekend by wearing my men's Pamela AndersonT-shirt from Primark. Yeah I understand not a very good role model but when I was 12 and Baywatch was like the sexiest programme on TV then it was normal to bleach your hair blonde and wear lip liner way too dark for your lipstick!! The sound of my dad shouting 'I'd just pretend to drown if they were the lifeguards' just takes me back. God knows what it was that made me just infatuated with her.....I would buy Bliss magazine and Sugar just just get pictures of her. Sure my mum thought I'd actually got a girl crush! But in the early years before having your boobs done was the norm! I would sit and wish that when I was older I would be as sexy if not sexier haha. Not the case as I've turned into a grungy little mushroom with dark hair but still wasn't that what your childhood was about as a girl aspiring to be anything other than what you were? Everyday was make believe. Well it was either Pamela Anderson or Jet from Gladiators and I wasn't sure if going under the knife was loads easier than being able to scale a 50 foot wall in 10 seconds??
As I got older I turned to the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn for inspiration in the wardrobe and beauty ideas department but for my early years it was Pammy all the way I'm afraid.

Who was your childhood fashion/style icon? Would love to hear from you :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.