Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish product review (including very rare full frontal....No make-up!!)

Hey gorgeous people,
Well today how much am I stepping outside the box?? Doing a product review? Not normally me i know I'm usually making something out of nothing and saving money but thought I'd give it a go and see if I can actually do it for one and also just to see if I can I actually find it enjoyable to write.
To be honest I possibly don't spend enough time on skin care as i should as I'm always in a hurry or too tired (no excuse I know) but with me having a few spots and breakout days and generally trying every product through my 20's I've not really got a regime as everything I've tried has failed so its been hard to stick to something. I'm one of those cleanse tone moisturise for 3 days morning and night and then face wipe on the 4th day due to the fact that my skin is in a mess again from using something different as I can't seem to hit the right note...possibly something I'm not doing right?
This Christmas I was lucky enough to get this lovely Liz Earle gift set from my mama (her link to her shop is on my blogshop tab!!) She picked it up on her travels down to London as she likes to do every year to see the lights....bless her :) So thought I'd give it a whirl....for one it come in this gorgeous little bag (so cute) what can I do with that after? Haha.
It came with 2 cloths which I thought was decent as one can be in the wash and you have another one to use :) the little green bag is also waterproof so carrying your cloths around or going away would be made easier.
There is very handy 'user' guide for application and how to wash your face cloths - a lovely touch I think especially for someone like me who has no clue haha.
The product comes out of the bottle very easily and neatly as it's pump action. The cleanser is not as thick as I first imagined which was a real good point as it seemed to glide onto my skin very easily. It's not a very fragrant product which I personally prefer but the only way I could describe the smell is 'clean'
**warning** the below picture contains full frontal no make up!! Please don't adjust your pc, mac, iPad, etc...
Very rare photo of me on my blog but thought you might like to see how thick it was when it's on your face. It feels so light and delicate even though you feel like your having a facial in your own home.
The really exciting part was using the face cloth. I ran it under the tap to give it some heat (not too much) and placed it open and flat against my face. Now that was amazing!! It felt like a hot cloth you can get on a plane but with the added extra of knowing that you are getting totally deep cleansed and your on your own so any satisfying loud noises that leak out are ok as to being on a plane with 300 other passengers. I digress but I'm sure you get the picture.
As you can see all the remnants of the day sat lonely on the face cloth and I now feel totally refreshed and clean knowing that I can throw this in the wash and I have another one to do this whole thing again in the morning and I can't bloody wait I tell thee! My opinion is that this product is a winner for someone looking for something easy to do but still knowing that it's doing a job.
Will keep you posted on how my skin holds up and also if the face wipes make an appearance in 4 days time.
Thanks for reading and hope this helps.
YP x