Hats! Glorious Hats!! Which suits your face shape? How do the celebs do it? - Revisited!

Revisiting this lovely post this week. By far this has been one of my most popular posts and it seems to have helped quite a few people out :) Which is always a bonus.

It's not very often I say that something looks good on me but I can always wear a hat and get away with it looking ok. What's your go to accessory? 

Hey Lovelies,

My snow week in hats!
Well it’s been the first time this winter that the old hat box has had to come out. The ears have totally felt the cold this past week. I find hats one of those items of clothing/accessories that’s suit some and not others – So what face shape suits a hat? And which hat suits me?

Some of my little hats I love and some are more of a necessity rather than a fashion statement. Take my little red one! Although someone described it as a 90’s throwback piece and that it should never see the light of day again!! Which I thought was a bit rude however it’s the comfiest hat I own! It covers the tabs and it has a little peak so I can still see in front on me. Not actually sure what face shape I am possibly oval or oblong (Not sure I like the word oblong, but if it works for Angelina Jolie I’m up for it!) But I’m hoping that my little hats at least suit me and if they don’t then they serve a great purpose – Keeping me warm!

My hats are from –

Red Hat – H&M
Pink Bobble Hat – Primark
Grey wool hat – Topshop
Black wool hat – Marks and Spencer

Looking around on the Internet I found this great website which gives you some idea on face shape v hats style.....I also had a look at some celebs who have definitely chosen the right hat!

Beauty Riot

Square Face

Chicks with square faces need hats that soften their rigid angles. Floppy, curvy hats accomplish this task, giving them a feminine and flirty touch. Hats with large and upturned brims also look oh so cute on square-faced honeys. If you want to elongate your face, go with hats that sit high on your forehead, like berets and bowler hats.
Jessica Simpson looking mint!! In the perfect hat for her face shape?

Oval Face

Just as with sunglasses and earrings, gals with oval faces can rock just about any style of hat and still look good. Therefore, go with whatever suits your mood -- fedoras, cloches, newsboys -- anything. But also pull the hat over your forehead and tilt it to the side, to give yourself some stylish swagger.
Natalie Portman rocking the new rage of hats...the fedora!! Go and get oneif you've not already.

Round Face

Round faces are cute, but they often look short and full. To offset these characteristics, go with hats that are tall and shallow, which will give your face length. You could also try slanted or peaked crowns to draw out your face. Slant your hat forward to give your face more angles. Additionally, look for hats that feature brims that are wider than your face, to make it look narrower.

Christina Ricci looking stunning in a black vest and tilted hat!!....perfect xx

Oblong/rectangular Face

Got a long face? Avoid tall hats like a stage-five clinger -- they only make your face look longer. Go with hats that are flared and have wide brims. Push the hat down on your forehead to cover it up a bit, which makes your face look shorter.

Possibly the most stunning woman on the planet - Angelina Jolie who would honestly look amazing in a black big bag!! Totally wearing this old school beauty.

Heart-Shaped Face

Ladies with heart-shaped faces have wide foreheads and narrow chins. Because of this contrast, you should avoid wearing wide hats, which accentuate your forehead. Otherwise, you'll look good in just about any type of hat.

The most famous heart shaped person who springs to mind can even make a small beanie hat look chic.....go Reece Witherspoon!!

So what do you think? Does face shape make a big difference or is it the hat, hair or other?
Think I'm going to stick to what I feel comfy in and what I think suits me!

Would love your opinions lovely readers :) xx

Tatta for now peeps and thanks for reading xx

(All celeb photos taken from google images - thank you)


  1. very informative post! lovely :)
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    1. Ah thank you that's very kind.
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  2. Great idea for a post, I'm a major hat fan - especially of bobble hats!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


  3. i have an oval face, that's why i love fedoras hat the most :D

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  4. Great post - nice clear examples of different face shapes!


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