Yorkshire Pud has finally moved into her house!

Hey lovelies, sorry for the current lack of posts recently - This is mainly due to the fact that me and the bloke have finally moved into our new home! I'm officially the happiest person in the world right now but also the tiredest :(
Moving house is soooooooo stressful didn't quite realise until now. I sit here typing this knowing that the edges of my bathroom ceiling need cutting in with paint and that I need to give my hall carpet another blast with the good old Rug Doctor which I've loaned from Morrisons. Never thought in my wildest imaginations I could get excited about a carpet cleaner however these bad boys are great for if you have to give your carpets a damn good clean - Would definitely recommend. Anyway the house is perfect for us and our dog and I can't wait for us to spend our first Christmas together. I promise to keep you posted with my decor and general home stuff and also thinking of putting some helpful tips that I had given to me before I moved in on keeping chilled when moving.
Will be back to full posting sometime over the next week as I need to continue my 50 Things to do in Autumn and Winter Challenge :) - Which I promise I have photo evidence of just need to post.

Take Care


  1. Hey bub, I've just nominated you for a Liebster Award... I don't know if you've already had/done one already but I like your blog so I'll nominate you anyway :-D
    Have a gander xxxxx



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