50 things to do in autumn/winter challenge - #2 Buy and paint my nails a dark berry colour

Hey lovelies, well I'm back to my list of 50 Things to do in autumn and winter challenge and here I am with #2 - Buy and paint my nails a dark berry colour. Although not too dark this amazing polish has berry in it's name. I've gone with one of my fave brands of polish BarryM - This is the Raspberry 273 click here for more info. I think this colour is fantastic! Very Christmassy and a classic winter colour. What do you think?

Thanks for reading :)
Yorkshire Pud


  1. Such a lovely colour! Perfect for Winter :D After following you for age on Twitter and Instagram I'm finally following your lovely blog! :)


  2. Ah lovely thanks chick!! Have a great Christmas sweetie xxx


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