50 Things to do in Autumn and Winter - #46 Buy my own Christmas Tree and decorate accordingly!

Hey all, well it's now only 6 more sleeps until the big day! I'm counting down until Father Christmas comes.
Well as most of you know I' moved into my pad at the beginning of this month and therefore I needed a Christmas Tree with all the trimmings for as little cost as possible.
And here goes....

Tree - Tesco £15.00
Gold/Bronze Baubles - Primark - £5.99 for 50!!
Red Baubles - B&Q only £5.00 but got the free on a 3 for 2 deal! :)
Cupcake Baubles - Gift from the blokes mum...bonus
Fairy lights - Stolen from mother's stash (Not encouraging stealing anything from your parents!)
Glass Heart Baubles - Gift from a friend at work....bonus
Sparkly Butterflies - House warming pressie from a friend - Not sure if they were meant for my tree but what the hell!
Candy Canes - £1.00 for 12 from Home Bargains what a bargain and also a mega treat as you can have one whilst watching your Christmas films!
Gold Star - Asda £2.00 - Perfect price to finish.

All in all - £23.99!!! Absolute bargain!

Thanks for reading lovelies! And only 6 more sleeps!
Yorkshire Pud