50 things to do in Autumn and Winter - #38 Keep the sweetie jar stocked & #39 Make an Autumn/Winter craft feature for my home

Hey, guys it's only 9 more sleeps till Christmas!! How exciting well I've still got loads of numbers to mark off on my 50 things to do in Autumn and Winter challenge. Some of the numbers do include Christmassy stuff so I've got my work cut out! Well here goes I'm marking off 2 numbers at once.

1. #38 Keep my sweetie jar stocked

2. #39 Create a craft feature for the home

Who doesn't love sweeties? I'm quite bad when it comes to sweets I love um in fact more so than chocolate, there I said it I love something more than chocolate!! So shopping for the sweeties was easy and with recently moving home I've been frequently popping to Ikea and got myself a great little jar for the grand price of 80p. The craft part comes in the form of Christmas ribbon that I received in my Crafty Creatives ccbox5. If you've not heard of Crafty Creatives then I suggest you check them out! I was lucky enough to hear about these through another blogger Victoria's Vintage and I signed up straight away and got the second box. We are now on box number 6 and it's fabulous I can't wait each month to see what I get next. Even the bloke likes to see what I get!! The box is £10 per month plus £2.95 p&p = value for money and fabulous!!

So here goes.......

Thanks for reading!!
Yorkshire Pud xx


  1. Aww cute! I did this once for my boyf for Valentines day when i was poor hahaha! Thanks for the link :) xx

    1. Cheers Victoria! I know was thinking of sending it as a pressie!! haha.
      No worries about the link.


  2. If you can't get to Ikea, I've also seen these in Wilkinson's :) I'm not sure on the price though.

    Lovely post dear, I might do this for my Creature :)

    Kerys xx
    Little Bo Blab

    1. Hey bird, that's great stuff thanks will keep Wilko's in mind.
      I think it would make a lovely pressie.

      If I don't speak to you before have a fabulous Christmas and New Year xx


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