50 Things to do in Autumn and Winter - #16, #32 & #45 - 3 in one!!!

Hey well here I am knocking another 3 of my things to do in Autumn and Winter off my list!....

#16 - Watch a classic film I've never seen before.

#32 - Watch 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

#45 - Find out all my Christmas films collection and watch

My Christmas film collection consists of the following...
1. Elf
2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
3. National Lampoons - Christmas Vacation
4. Home Alone
5. Home Alone 2
6. Jingle All The Way
The classic film I'd never seen was The Nightmare Before Christmas!! Can you believe I've never seen it? Good job it was on my list!
The dog wasn't too impressed with National Lampoons as much as me......clearly!! Haha - thanks for reading!! What Christmas films have you watched up to now? Xxx