Loving my PATTERNS this November!

Hey, We'll I know guys I've truly neglected my blog for the last few weeks mainly because I've been so busy with the engagement and also I'm moving house next week so more lifestyle posts soon I promise :)

This month I've noticed that I've been really into my patterned items of clothing when normally I'm a very plain kind of lady.

Here are a few of my November ootd's for proof!! Haha.

Top left - Very bright flowered see through blouse from Matalan

Top right - My new posh leaf pattern blazer from George @ Asda should have been £18.00 and got it for £9.00 last week.

Bottom left - Circle patterned day dress from H&M picked up from my local charity shop a month ago for £3.00!!

Bottom right - Leopard print blazer bought from Jane Norman's recent sale for £15.00

Are you into your patterns or a plain lady like me generally? Think some patterns you have to be brave to wear and some you just have to!
Thanks for reading my lovelies!