Charity Shop OOTD - Zooey Deschanel Inspired - Guess how much??

Hey lovely readers,
Well again I'm here giving you an inspiration Zooey Deschanel style outfit post but this time it's with a thrifty twist!
As most of my lovely readers are aware I have an unhealthy healthy obsession (Sounds too scary!) with anything Zooey Deschanel like and leopard print. And who doesn't? The girl got style! To be fair she's one of those ladies my mum bless her would say 'She could wear a potato sack with a belt round and still look good'. Her hair is amazing, style, outlook on life and general positiveness is all to be quite frankly adored.

Well here's the low down on my outfit......
Black PlainTop - PDSA Charity shop £3.00 - Alexander Wang!!
Leopard Print Skirt - RSPCA Charity shop £3.50 - Wallis! (And it's actually furry)
Black Tights - Stolen!.............haha from my sister!
Boots - Birthday Gift from Tesco!
Geek Glasses - As per my previous post from PLAY.COM - £8.00
Hair - My own...literally not brushed and clipped back (It's Friday after all)
Outfit total cost to me........£14.50....BARGAIN!

What do you reckon? Had any charity shop bargains yourself recently?
Can't beat a thrifty bargain.

Thanks for reading :)



  1. From a charity shop?Wow,this is such a great look and a total bargain!!I looooove Zooey,too.She is gorgeous in 'New Girl' ;) xx

    1. I know Sabrina it's great isn't it! I love going through the rails and finding little treasures :)
      Zooey is amazing isn't she. Love doing my inspiration post about her.


  2. You look stunning lady!
    I can definetly see the Zooey influence :)

    1. Cheers Kerys!!! That's good stuff I'll be smiling all weekend now :) xx

  3. I love a good charity shop bargain, you've had some great ones here! My best one was a black blazer for £1 :)
    Gem x

    1. A pound!!!! That's excellent work Gem gonna make that my new mission :) xxx

  4. wow that looks fab, and what a bargain too! I'm a new follower from the #bbloggers hop :) x

  5. Ah great stuff thank you! Will head over to your blog now :) xx

  6. Love the thriftiness! Hehe!
    Thanks for visiting my blog - yours is fab! Love the shabby chic feel of it!

  7. So cute!! Lovely blog! Found you on blog hop! New follower:)

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  9. I love the name of your blog!
    I am currently holding 3 giveaways (I know its alot) and I thought you may want to enter?

  10. Super Cute!


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