50 Things to do in Autumn/Winter - #47 Find some Zooey Deschanel / New Girl Jess Inspired Glasses

Hey, Aren't the blog post coming thick and fast this week? I'm on a mission! a mission to get this list cracked!! Haha.

This post covers #47 on my list of Things to do in Autumn and Winter - Find some Zooey Deschanel / New Girl Jess Glasses - And by eck I think I've cracked it!! What do you reckon?

Got these little beauties for £8.99 from PLAY.COM

Thanks for reading!
YP xx


  1. You actually look well like her!
    (Total compliment, she's gorgeous!)

    1. Thanks chick that's so kind of you. Put a right smile on my chops has that :) xxx

  2. waoww so cute , you really look like zooey :)


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