Zooey Deschanel Inspired Work WIWT - For less than £10!

Hey, Not done an outfit post for a while so I thought this little Zooey Deschanel style inspired work one might do the trick. Obviously if you are a follower of mine you know how much I love Zooey!
Who's you're style icon? Would love to know.

This skirt was from Primark on the sale rail (yes they have one!) for £5.00! How cool and how on trend with the hounds tooth pattern?!

The jumper I am wearing unfortunately has no tag as I picked this up from a charity shop for £1.50!! Plain black polo neck jumper on it's 3rd year and still going strong! The tights I'm wearing are from George at Asda and were £5.00 for 3 pair of black 80 denier.

Also got a bit of a Zooey hair do going on at the minute. My hair is naturally curly so it take some straightening and believe me this rain does not help! ha ha.

So the damage..........
Jumper - £1.50
Skirt -     £5.00
Tights -   £1.66

TOTAL = £8.16
Not bad eh?

Thanks for reading and hope you like my outfit :)