I Want!! A trip to the best spa in Sheffield SPA1877 - Birthday wish 8 sleeps to go.

Hey, who doesn't love a trip to the spa? No many ladies I know wouldn't haha. and being from Sheffield we are so lucky to have a fab spa right in our town centre called SPA1877 it has been situated in Sheffield for quite some time and I have been able to visit on a number of occasions however I would love to visit more than I have.If you live in Sheffield or nearby or looking for a good venue for a girlie get together then I suggest you take a look a the website - Sheffield also has a great night life to link in with a weekend away.

What can you do for a hen party in Sheffield? Where can I relax in Sheffield? Day out in Sheffield?...look no further than SPA1877.

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YP xx


  1. I went to this spa on the 30th of May for my birthday. I loved it esp the ice cave, but think it would have been better with a pool! :)
    Love your blog.




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