50 Things To Do Through Autumn and Winter - Challenge

Hey, I noticed this great list whilst reading one of my favorite blogs by Vivatramp - It's a fantastic blog filled with a little bit of everything! - Go check it out.
I've slightly adapted Bee's list to suit me and also to spread it over two seasons Autumn and Winter rather than just Autumn. I've also added a few more Christmassy items and personal goals as it's spread over more time.
Please feel free to join me on my quest to complete my Autumn/Winter Challenge 50 list!

Here goes....

#1 Have a duvet Day (At least 1)
#2 Buy and paint my nails a dark berry colour
#3 Get invited and go to a bonfire party!
#4 Hold my own party!
#5 Bake something (Never baked before so should be fun)
#6 Treat myself to the ultimate bubble bath
#7 Take walks in the leaf blanketed woodlands
#8 Prepare yourself for the possible outbreak of snow - check your hat, scarf and mitten/Glove collection
#9 Make your own fresh face mask
#10 Collect woodland treats to make Christmas decor
#11 Experiment with different types of tea
#12 Survey your/the local horse chestnut trees for conkers
#13 Send out 5 thank you cards – Just thanking people for anything!
#14 Go to the theatre
#15 Wear your biggest cuddliest jumper!
#16 Watch a classic film that I haven’t seen before
#17 Learn how to make the ultimate roast/sunday dinner
#18 Embrace the produce that autumn has to offer. Overload on root veggies and fruits.
#19 Throw out all my holey tights and invest in new ones - heavy deniers welcome!
#20 Purchase some good reads and enjoy them by the fire/radiator/under the duvet
#21 Knit something = learn to knit!
#22 Make a cushion
#23 Make some preserves - these could be little favours for friends
#24 Make a big batch of soup
#25 Write a poem
#26 Make a Christmas playlist.
#27 Do crafts with friends
#28 Carve a pumpkin
#29 Have lunch in a country pub, Yorkshire puddings and the lot!
#30 Surprise someone with a morning coffee and breakfast in bed
#31 Get re-aquainted with your blanket and fleecey PJ bottoms
#32 Watch 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'
#33 Find your perfect winter bag
#34 Brew some mulled wine
#35 Update an old piece of furniture
#36 Prepare an autumnal/winter care package for my cupboard
#37 Get some new winter slippers
#38 Keep the sweet jar stocked, in case of emergencies
#39 Make an autumn/winter craft feature for my home
#40 Dust off my slow cooker and fill it with stew-y goodness
#41 Do some top notch Christmas wrapping with a few crafty pieces
#42 Get in the snow! (If it does if not create some!)
#43 Go to a carboot sale and buy something!
#44 Do something for Charity
#45 Find out all my Christmas Film Collection and watch.
#46 Buy my own Chritsmas tree and decorate accordingly
#47 Find some Zooey/Jess Style glasses to make me look super geek chic this festive period
#48 Do something cultured by going to a museum or a gallery.
#49 Blog photographs of my city and post about it
#50 Enjoy my birthday!! Not a hard one but happening this month (October!)

Here's hoping I smash it!! Thanks for reading lovelies

YP xx