50 Things To Do In Autumn/Winter - #7 Take walks in the leaf blanketed woodland

Hey all, sorry for the pure lack of correspondence guys but with the engagement and the fact it's my birthday today means I've been a busy a busy lady.

Well I've managed to start eventually my challenge of 50 things to do in Autumn and Winter! And today I'm kicking things off with #7 Take walks in the leaf blanketed woodland - Me and the bloke went for a gorgeous stroll this weekend in the local woods, couple of weeks to early for chestnuts but will be back to complete one of my other challenges. It was great so crisp and refreshing. Forgot ow much I loved Autumn, and being an Autumn baby helps :)

Have you been for any woodland waks yet this Autumn?
Also keep posted for the start of my 100 gfc follower giveaway this weekend!
Yorkshire Pud