50 Things to do in Autumn/Winter - #50 Enjoy My Birthday (Part 2) Happy Halloween

Hey, Well as you know it was my Birthday last week and I said it would be in 2 parts - This is the 2nd instalment of my #50 Enjoy My Birthday - Please see Part 1 here - This is part of my 50 Things to do in Autumn/Winter list see my page here
I'm lucky enough to have my birthday fall at the end of November which is my favourite celebration of the year. So this year thought it would be rude not to link Halloween and my Birthday Party together.

Here are a few snaps from the night!

p.s My Mum is cool she let us recreate a dead body in the middle of her dining table!!

All this took was some scary contacts, liquid latex and tissue paper - With some red blusher, whitener and tons of fake blood!

My Pumpkin!!

Dead body created using old clothes, old sheet and nipping round the butchers for some real bits and bobs (Sorry to anyone offended it was all for effect)
Friends & Family! (Sorry it was a dark do I'm afraid so some of the pictures have not come out too bright but possible makes it more spooky!!) Whhhaaaahhhhhhaaa.
And finally me and the bloke again :)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! - What you getting up to tonight?

Thanks for reading

YP xx


  1. I can't believe the dead body in the middle of the table hahaha!
    Your outfit looks so good! :)

  2. Hey, I love your blog. Great work! Please come and check out my blog. If you decide to follow me I’ll follow you back :) xx



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