50 Things to do in Autumn/Winter - #44 Do something for Charity

Hey, Well here I am again knocking another one off my list! This time it’s #44 Do Something For Charity. As most of my lovely readers will be aware last Friday I slept rough in Rotherham for a Charity called Safe At Last that looks after young children who run away from home due to all sorts of reasons – Check out their website for more details here. Safe at Last are a charity very close to my heart as one of my closest friends Mark is the Operations Director for them, so I generally get involved with anything I can! So sleeping rough for ONE night should have been fine……I was wrong! It was horrendous!! And the thought of young children having to go through that every night and without the comforts of 5 layers of clothing and a sleeping bag and the bloke to cuddle up to! It was officially FREEZING…but worth every minute of it. Me and the bloke raised £300 between us so it was worth it and as a whole the night raised £6000.

There are some generous people out there and some of them were my lovely readers so thank you soooooooo much for all of your donations xx

Thanks for reading guys! do you have a charity close to your heart?
YP xx