50 Things To do in Autumn/Winter - #28 Carve a Pumpkin

Hey, well its Halloween time!!! And luckily I have #28 on my list which is carve a pumpkin! I've not carved pumpkin since I was a little girl so this was really exciting to do. Luckily I wasn't on my own and had my bloke join me :)

Check out our pumpkin skills......

I'm actually really chuffed that we didn't make too many mistakes and they actually look pretty cool.
And below is my pumpkin on Saturday night for my Birthday Part 2 (get ready it was fantastic) post coming tomorrow.
Are you doing anything for Halloween? A pumpkin perhaps?
Let me know what you think :)
YP xx


  1. I love halloween but my bf's family dont celebrate is much (i live with them) so loved this post getting me in the halloween spirit


    1. Ah bless you chick. Halloween is amazing :) glad I could be of help putting you on the mood xx

  2. your blokes pumpkin end result just made my spit my warm ribena everywhere!!!! found your blog via your profile on instragram so just having a nosey :D


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