I WANT! - MUA Nail Constellations

Hey......For all of us today it's FRIDAY!!! And for some of us today is PAYDAY!! For me it is a lucky one as it is BOTH!! So with my hard earned cash I'm off to Meadowhall in Sheffield to buy me some of the new MUA Constellations Nails!! I can't wait till i'm done.
As I have not got these yet I will be sure to do a post as soon as I do! For £3 each how can you go wrong?

As a follower of the MUA Blog - This is where I first heard of them.
 (If you don't already follow them...DO!!)
The following is from the MUA blog -

MUA’s amazing NEW Nail Constellation inspired by the patterns formed into stars in the earth's night sky is a 3-dimensional extravagant nail art system you can create easily from home that leave your nails looking ‘wow!’.

These Constellation beads have a beautiful shine to them in five amazing space theme colours. They are easy to use and with them you can create many different designs. Supplied in a funnel for easy application with a re-sealable top! Using the Funnel application simply bed the constellation beads onto to a thick coat of your favourite MUA nail polish in a line design or just placed random and then allow another generous top coat to keep them in place.

Is that not enough to make you wanna run out and buy?? How exciting!

Thanks for reading and hope you stay posted for the review.