Sunbeds - Do or Dont?

Hey, I'm due to jet off soon to Portugal for 10 days and I can't contain my excitement a tell thee! But there's one thing that I really need help with......
I'm fair haired (Blondie) believe it or not as I am now dark with freckles galore the odd mole here and there and tend to turn a lovely shade of ruby when I'm away where I might have missed with the cream.

Here's the dilemma
One of my friends has suggested that I go on a sunbed a few times in the next couple of weeks only for a couple of minutes to get my skin 'ready' for the sun but I'm not sure? I've been on sunbeds when I was younger but now with all the bad press and criticism I'm really unsure whether or not this is a good idea??

What are your thoughts on this?

Thought I would put it out there for my lovely readers help and ideas.