Imogen's Imaginations - Hair Wear

Hey, Luckily enough on Sunday I managed to be passing The Nicols Buliding in Sheffield which is normally an antiques centre?? However on Sunday I noticed signs for a Retro and Vintage fair!! Yep I was straight in there like a rat up a drainpipe.

Bought a couple of items from stalls but I was most impressed by my new Imogen's Imaginations headband....And the boy paid for it which was excellent!

So I picked out my favourite toying over the vast ammounts of different designs, patterns and materials etc... But settled for a gorgeous one with cherries on it. Not sure if it was Imogen herself serving me but a very lovely lady did. As I paid my handmade headband was gift wrapped and presented so neatly I will definitely be ordering/buying again in the future........Absolutely Stunning!!! Imogen's Imaginations 

Thanks for reading.


And there it was!!

Excuse the hair needed a little wash me thinks..