Home Bargains trip for only £8.44!!

Hey, yet again I've found myself having a mooch around the isles in Home Bargains - wow I need to stop but it's so addictive and so cheap!! Here's just a few things that I picked up that I thought you might want to be aware of just for the sheer price!!

1. Nair hair removal cream, I know its only hair removal cream but ive got my holiday coming up and I will be needing to seriously de-fuzz and for 99p it's a steal.

2. I've still got quite a bit of my factor 30 and 50 left from my last not so sunny holiday but picked these up for me and the boy for this next one. Both only £2.99 each.

3. A girl can clearly never have enough grips! Especially me when I'm currently trying to grow out my fringe = nightmare. So for 29p these are a must.

4. I've used one of these face masks before in the green tea option and it was fab, i'm usually worried about using stuff I don't know on the old facial area however my friend got these in for a beauty night and they were great. This is the lemon one so hopefully it will make me feel fresh for my jollies and for just 49p you can't go wrong.

5. As you all know from my previous posts I like a bit of craft and DIY so this hemming kit complete with panel pins, wonder web and a new little tape measure will definitely come in handy all for the small price of 69p.....Bargain!

So that concludes my little shop in the lovely Home Bargains hope you all agree for the combined total cost of £8.44 I've not done bad.

Here's hoping theres a HB near you!

YP :)xx