Home Bargains little shop for less than a tenner!!

Hey, I'm lucky enough to be a city girl which means that in my lunch hour at work I have the option of nipping to most shops should I need some retail therapy. Around 10 mins away is the fabulous Home Bargains where you can get nearly everything for little cost. I spent the grand total of £7.46 on my little bundle of goodies......check them out.

My hair is in desparate need of colouring so for £4.59 this Nice N Easy hair dye was a steal!

Not really attempted any baking before but most of my family and friends are mad on it! would be rude not to with the fab Cath Kidston style bun cases for 79p - Will be sure to post when I do bake haha.

Cant say I've ever owned a shower cap before but I don't always want to wash my hair at every shower visit so for 99p thought this was fab and completely my taste...shouldn't look too silly?!?

I go though notebooks like there is no tomorrow at the moment with work and blogging so for £1.09 though this was lovely it even has an elastic holder at the side to keep it all together. Loads of room for more ideas! Can't wait!!

Do you like Home Bargains or are you unsure of what I'm talking about haha? If you are lucky enough what's the best bargain you have got before?

Thanks for reading..xx