Healthy Eating - With Prima

Hey, As I said in my last blog I have 5 weeks (now 4 weeks and 3 days to be precise) And my bottom wasn't the way I'd like it to be ready for my summer hols I decided to use the summer edition of Prima Magazine for my help and inspiration and that I would be bringing to you some of the great advice and tips.

First of all I've started with my diet. Although I don't eat much chocolate and sweets my massive downfall is crisps!! Anyone else got this addition? To the point where I can snack up to 6 times a day on a lovely bag of crisp, salty, gorgeous, naughty......STOP!! haha. And due to this all crisps have been removed from my home, office and I've also told my staff under no means necessary should I go near the vending machine.

Right back to it! - The magazine is full of great recipes so I thought I would give one a whirl.....

Chicken & Sweet Potato Casserole (With a YP twist!)

The recipe is on page 39 of the Prima Mag - Original recipe below as I made a few changes..

Although I'm not vegetarian I decided to change the chicken for Quorn fillets and the chicken stock to vegetable stock and didn't involve a tomato!! (Urggghhhhhh!!)

What I used -

 I then prepared and chopped getting ready to started.........

Firstly I added the olive oil to the pan and added the onions and cooked until soft..

Once brown and soft I added the sweet potato and the Quorn fillets (Chopped) and poured over 150 ml of vegetable stock...

I then left this for around 5 mins to simmer and let the juices flow (hey hey)..

After 5 mins I added the thyme and stirred.

I then added a little bit more water and stirred again. I then transferred the mixture into an oven proof dish and placed in the oven at Gas Mark 1/160 C and left for 20mins - After 20mins I opened and stirred in the mushrooms and left in for another 20mins (Had a bath and washed my hair!) And it was ready!

I made plenty! So had enough to bring to work with me today. But please see below last nights dinner with added steamed vegetables! ABSOLUTELY!! Delicious!!
Well worth it.

Have a try and let me know what you think..? The only thing I may do differently was the thyme as it wasn't to my taste but other than that - Health in a bowl!

Thanks for reading!
YP xx