1 Month to my holiday showdown body change - With Prima

Hey, Well it's exactly 1 month until I'm jetting off to Portugal with my lovely bloke and best friend and I need to lose a few inches. Although I know I'm not chunky I'm still a stone over my target (Feel good) weight.
I currently weight..........10 stones 3.5 lbs and my target weight is 9 Stone 5 lbs at the weight I am bang in the middle for my healthy BMI. I am still in the healthy range but just near the top end. I'm 5" 6 and starting to feel a bit heavy on my bottom.

Calculate your own BMI - http://www.nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyweightcalculator.aspx

I can quite honestly say I've never bought Prima Magazine in my life and I don't mean that as a bad thing it just means it doesn't sit next to Heat, More, Glamour or any other magazine I normal buy from the shops.
I noticed it and thought instantly this will be my bible for the next 5 and a half weeks! There are some great tips, ideas, exercise and healthy recipes in there so I can't wait to give this a go.

The Magazine is £3.99 and its the Prima 'Look Good Feel Great' Summer edition.

With the ammount of stuff its packed with it's well worth it's money.

For the next 5 weeks I will be trying out the tips and tricks in this magazine and blogging for you and also I'm hoping this keeps me on track to get fit and get in shape.
I even got myself a pedometer to get my wobbly bottom moving and keep track. 10,000 step a day is recommended to lose those pounds....so here goes.

Wish me luck!