YP's Nail Challenge Days 16, 17, 18 and 19

Hi YP,

Yep I've managed to get another 4 days down on paper with some reviews for you. It's so difficult having the job I do and making sure that my nails are looking fabulous for a few days!

Day 16
Thought I'd have a bit of fun with this bad boy I used a Rimmel Professional in Peppermint on the base and then MUA shade 15 for the tips (Very contrasting but hey ho) and finished off with a thin line of hot pink using a nail art pen. All in all great impact for not a lot of cost......Troubles were that the rimmel brush was absolutely massive!! I only have little nails so it's great if you are in a rush but not if you are in need of neatness. The colour is mint though! Get it? haha. 6/10 the MUA finished the tip - Always love MUA although I think the brush needs help for getting it right the prices and colours are excellent!

 Day 17
Plain but fabulous day!! - Need I say more Barry M Coral 296 - Hard wearing, fast drying, brilliant colour! 10/10.

Day 18
Bit of fun on this day! with again my favourite!! Barry M Flamingo 305 with a stripe of Barry M Pink Glitter.
Although the brushes are not made for dainty as such work a steady hand and an imagination help you through. Finished off the look with some baby pink diamantes from my gem wheel which cost about £3.00 for 1000's of precious twinkles!

Day 19
My old faithful Nails Inc Tate used here as the under-colour. Can always used this paint for any occasion the colour is fabulous! The black crackle was part of a set from Primark 3 bottles (black crackle, Gold and Top coat) all for £2.00. Bonus!! Will defo be using this again.

Thanks for reading - which one do you like best?