My new it here to stay?

I've decided that even though we all have a certain style but I couldn't quite pinpoint my own? One day I would find myself in a track suit and think hell yeah I could rock the comfy look every day. Then the next day I would float around in flowery numbers looking for the nearest corn field to frolic in. I've tried the jeans and t-shirts (everyday) just didn't feel special.
Going shopping was a nightmare! My friends would all scoot off to their 'sections' by sections mean the colours/styles to suits them. I would happily just meander round every concession picking things up that didn't match...... hopelessly and always looking for my next style to follow.
Finally for the last 6 months I've found myself drawn to vintage pieces whether it be in my home or my clothes, my mum has always had a fascination with all things vintage which is where I think it comes from. Once mixing my trackies with my amazing charity shop fir coat didn't really go........joke!! But still I couldn't quite work out where, how, when or what fashion group I fitted into.
It was then 1 month ago that I got invited to a vintage style hen night which made me research vintage style further and since then it's all I've been looking at. Also eyeing up my 2 vast wardrobes of clothes and seeing how I could revamp them into my new style? Also I've started clearing out so much where there's just no possible way it could be changed into something vintagey (if that's a word).
I think I've now honestly found my true style and my transition will continue.
I'm now brunette and find that the extreme hair colour change suits me so much more and gives me far more confidence than before.
Will keep it posted xxx