Red With A Touch Of Glamour

Hi Pud,
Well it's become apparent now that everywhere I go my trusty nail box comes with me! In fact it's got to the point where people are asking me if my nail box is coming round for a cup of tea before they ask me!!? Haha. Not too worried though cause it must mean I'm doing something right....mustn't it? The below pictures are from last night at my friend Claire's house and yep they are her hands. Claire works for a very upbeat, vibrant and young hair salon in the centre of Sheffield so she wanted a bit of glam and something where her clients would ask her about them. She claims she has more interest in talking about stuff like this instead of asking the age old 'you going on holiday this year?' haha. Ok so here's all for a good cause, helping out your friend! Friend in need and all that.
To create the look I used Sally Hanson - Rapid Red 280 on alternate nails with Barry M Coral on the others. I finished the index and ring finger (different hands) off with Elegant Touch Bling Wraps to give it that hint of glamour. Fingers crossed no more holiday talk today for our Claire xx