Pud's - Giveaway! - The Winners

The winners are!!!........

@sheisuk - who's got a blog starting shortly!


Hi Pud,
After going through my copious amounts of beauty stuff in my copious amounts of beauty boxes I realised I'd got more than 1 of some things....yes more than 1!! So I have decided to see if any of my lovely readers/followers would like to get their hands on them for free!!?

What's up for grabs?
- I have 2 x sets of Sally Hanson Lip Conditioner & Plumper and Sally Hanson Nail Nutrition Daily Growth Treatment. Once you use these I'm sure you'll be looking for more as both are fabulous products.

What do you need to do?
- 2 sets for 2 followers.
I will choose one follower from my Twitter who has also RT'd and one follower from my blog at random - so for two chances to win follow both!
I will be announcing the winners on Sunday 24th June this week so keep spreading Puds words and RTing!!