Dita Hair?!?

Hi Pud,
As I mentioned in my earlier post I'm off to a hen party this weekend with a 'cabaret' theme. Ordered a cracking dress (pic to follow on arrival-fingers crossed!!) but I've thought - What the hell am I going to do with my hair?? So I decided to order some bad boy 3.5 inch curling tongs from eBay - only £7 squid chuffed is not the word. Can't wait to have a practice......maybe tomorrow now cause I'm shattered! But I thought I'd post a picture of my arrival and a picture of the article I want to become for Saturdays festivities!! One question...Does eBay sell fairy dust?? haha cause YorkshirePud becoming Dita Von Teese at the weekend is Going to take some serious work. Any suggestion for 40's hair would be appreciated!!!