99 Days Until Christmas!

Hey Pudini's!

It's only bloody 99days until Christmas!! What's the crack with that? Is anyone else as unorganised as me or do you all have it in check?

To be honest I've been concentrating more on when Baby George will be here rather than Christmas but I know that I need to start thinking about it at least. Generally I do spend quite a bit on all my family at Christmas but this year I'm definitely going to have to do some budgeting. Any tips on Christmas budgeting guys would be really appreciated? :) And also Christmas with a new baby? I know other mothers will have had to deal with this but I can imagine it's not easy.

Going to have to do some serious budgeting, research and thinking how many 'sock bunnies' I can make it time for the big 24th of December!

Anyone got any tips or help for this fat Yorkshire lass that's about to explode!? Haha.

Thanks for reading.

Yorkshire Pud xx