I Want!! Disney Couture Ring - Birthday List 20 sleeps to go!

Hey, Yet again I'm here loving things I haven't got!! Haha. But with the fact that it's 3 weeks until my birthday and I've been getting asked what i would like I thought I'd use my blog to express.

So for the next 20 days (sleeps) I will be updating my blog daily with the things I would like some unrealistic some very realistic!! So stay tuned

First up.....20 sleeps to go!!

Disney Couture Ring available from Truffle Shuffle

Rhodium plated "Believing is just the beginning" Locket Ring - Available for £26.99 + p&p

How amazing!?!

Is this something you would want? If not what's you birthday wish pressie?

Thanks for reading and comments are always welcome :)

YP xx